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Tired of the same old Easter eggs? We’ve got the perfect solution for every chocolate connoisseur with these Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs.

This pack of six milk chocolate eggs contain a very special secret. Remove the lid to reveal a hand-painted white chocolate egg white and yolk, which can then be tapped open to expose the thick, gooey, chocolate sauce in the centre. Yum! 

Don’t know how to scoop out the decadent chocolate filling? Don’t worry – we’ve thought of that, too. Each pack of eggs comes with slices of solid chocolate toast that are perfect for dipping. We reckon that breakfast will never be the same again…

Handmade from white and milk Belgian chocolate

Box contains six life-size chocolate eggs filled with chocolate sauce, and chocolate toast soldiers for dipping

Shelf life: 1 year (if you can resist!)


Egg yolk is hand-coloured

Send a gift box of our Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs anywhere in the UK.


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The Choc on Choc story started in 2003 in a village nr Bath in the UK by a father-daughter team, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton. Kerr is an accomplished inventor (in the 1980s he designed the immensely popular hedgehog boot wiper), and was messing around with chocolate in the kitchen one day, with a recently graduated Flo. Together they were filling rubber moulds shaped as noughts and crosses thinking that that they would make rather nice presents for the family.

The pair of them devised a business idea and soon they made enough chocolates to take to a trade show in Birmingham. To their astonishment, they came back from the show with a lot of orders from several shops.

Flo and Kerr had to quickly buy some equipment and teach themselves how to make chocolate in order to delight their new found customers. They also needed to stand out from the crowd, so came up with the original, and now patented, idea of layering chocolate on top of chocolate, creating beautiful and unique designs. Choc on Choc was born!